The Best Montreal Restaurants in 2017. A Complete List.


Places to eat in Montreal: 23 new eateries for this summer 2017

In no particular order, here is a list of amazing new places to eat in Montreal this summer. They’ve recently opened-up and are already getting rave reviews. Everything you could possibly crave is in this list: from tacos to pho, from French fine cuisine to delectable vegan, and from Haitian fares to Spanish tapas. If you’re ever trying to decide where to spend a great evening in the company of delicious food, this list can help you make the best decision. Take a look below for some hints on where to eat, where to drink, and even some suggestions on what to do while you’re in the area.


Author: Mia Pearson 

Published by: on Feb.23, 2017





Located at the heart of downtown, Jatoba is a great date night option for anyone looking to experience Montreal’s modern food scene. It may have been called out as “formulaic” because of its amalgamation of trendy decor, snappy drinks and refined Asian fusion tapas, but who says there’s something wrong with combining the best? Walking into Jatoba has a breathtaking effect, leading to the realization that these guys have thought of everything: the space was even recently redone to improve its acoustics.

1184 Place Phillips
(514) 871-1184



Manitoba is well worth the trip past the Mile-End into the Mile-Ex area. That’s because this eatery serves local ingredients and is dedicated to connecting people to what they call “fresh and wild products.” Manitoba’s ambiance is as down-to-earth as its attitude towards food, allowing for easy conversation as you experience Quebec’s quality ingredients. With dishes like deer liver and pork belly with butternut squash ketchup for brunch, and guinea fowl with Canadian dwarf cornel berries for dinner, this one is sure to give you a gastronomic tale to bring back home.

271 St-Zotique W
(514) 270-8000


La Capital Tacos 

Make your way to the heart of Chinatown for some exceptional Mexican food! This family-run Taqueria serves authentic Mexican street food inside their cozy, unpretentious restaurant. The dishes are rich in flavour and never boring–their pork marinade is made with pineapple and orange mixed with a myriad of spices. The place usually fills up fast for lunch and dinner and is open until 2am on weekends. Stock-up on tacos, refried beans, homemade salsa and Mexican Jicama salad during your next visit to Chinatown!

1096 Boul St-Laurent
(514) 873-5255




Escondite is the city’s funky new Mexican restaurant. Located on Union street, this taqueria is a party-in-your-mouth stop for all those staying in or passing through downtown Montreal. If you’re looking for a little help in the conversation-starter department, Escondite is your friend. Their décor consists of as many twists as their dishes: images of Mexican wrestlers and neon lights line the walls, and everything from pork and pineapple tacos to smoked meat poutine assemble on plates. Escondite translates to “hideout,” which makes sense because hiding out here is an experience you won’t want to miss. If you’re still unconvinced, that’s okay: they also offer signature drinks that you can enjoy on their terrace in the summer, making it one of the best places to eat in Montreal.

1206 Union Ave
(514) 419-9755




Experience vegetarian and vegan dining at its finest–LOV (Local, Organic, Vegetarian) is a fine dining experience without the meat. Located in Old Montreal, LOV is a bright, airy restaurant that feels like you’ve stepped into a botanical garden. The design is as cozy as it is sleek: wicker chairs hang from the ceiling and terrariums adorn each table. They only use the freshest ingredients in their dishes, which pair greatly with their beautifully-presented, zesty cocktails. They also offer a list of organic wine and beer. LOV is sure to please all customers with any diet, so bring your family, friends, date or anyone else you lov.

464 Rue McGill
(438) 387-1326



Maneki Comtoir Asiat' 

Maneki Comptoir Asiat‘ just opened up in Montreal’s East end, and this casual comptoir serves up comfort food in the form of East Asian fares. Classic Asian via North America dishes like General Tao, pineapple chicken, and crispy sesame beef are perfect for sit-down or takeout. The space is modern and unique with zany posters plastered on the walls. The staff is always extremely friendly and the food is getting rave reviews; why not make this a stop for a hearty lunch?

3121 Rue Hochelaga
(514) 523-7778



The coolest restaurant in Montreal may have just opened up. Agrikol, a Haitian restaurant, is a young and trendy new hangout in the Gay Village. The restaurant is co-owned by Arcade Fire’s Régine Chassagne and Win Butler, as well as Jen Agg and artist Roland Jean who own restaurants in Toronto. All four owners traveled to Haiti, collecting artwork that you can now view on the restaurant walls. The dining room is beautifully decorated, reflecting a tropical, Caribbean vibe. Owner Jean can be seen mixing live Haitian music most nights. Moreover, Talking Heads’ frontman, David Byrne, went there during his recent visit to Montreal! The restaurant doesn’t take reservations and there’s usually a lineup–but it’s worth the wait!

1844 Rue Amherst
(514) 903-6575


Z Tapas Lounge

This trendy restaurant-slash-lounge in Montreal’s Quartier des Spectacles is a great stop after a show to chat with friends over shared plates of Venezuelan-inspired tapas. Seasoned chef, Marielvi Falvino, spent many years traveling and gathering insight on how to make the most flavourful, innovative meals. The lounge itself is sleek, shiny, and made up of warm dark grey and brown colours. Z Tapas Lounge is one of the best places to eat in Montreal and has all the South American food you crave, from A to Z!

1165 St Laurent Blvd
(514) 903-4040



Thazard won’t be your top pick if you’re looking for the most authentic Japanese food in the Mile End, but it’s going to be on your list if you’re looking for quality Japanese pub food with a Quebec twist. Thazard has a unique and extensive alcohol selection, as well as varied menu items such as ramen and poutine. That makes it a solid choice for those wanting to experience outstanding Japanese flavours without straying too far from their comfort zone. Small portions allow you to sample a few dishes at once, too. Located on Fairmont street and open until 2 am, you can easily fit

5329 St-Laurent Blvd
(514) 802-8899



The new kid in St-Henri is Magdalena. Connected to the cocktail bar with a delicious gourmet menu, Ludger, Magdalena is a wine bar that offers vegetarian tapas. Francis Arkinson is the sommelier who oversees the wine menu at M.Me in the Plateau which boasts a whopping 700 different wines! Magdalena is also home to classic Italian liqueurs, including many types of amaro which is  rare for restaurants to have. The theme touches on tropical while also evoking an elegant, French feel as well. Take your date to Magdalena: gaze into each other’s eyes in the candlelight and try a variety carefully selected wines and Italian liqueur.

4005 Rue Notre-Dame O


Kampai Garden

In a similar vein to Magdalena, the downtown area has welcomed Kampai Garden in the Faubourg Centre. In keeping with the tropical theme, Kampai is a beer garden that engulfs its patrons with greenery and plants, as if you were to step into a greenhouse. The organic design of the bar-slash-restaurant gives it a warm feel and their reasonably-priced food makes it even more inviting. The menu covers all bases, from tatar, tofu, to tuna carpaccio. Later at night, Kampai switches from cozy restaurant to a full on bar/club experience that draws a huge crowd. Whatever it is you’re looking for, Kampai Garden probably has it.

1616 St-Catherine St W
(514) 379-6161



The Plateau’s newly opened Vegano is Montreal’s first fully vegan Italian restaurant. You can find french toast topped with their homemade nutella and marshmallows on their brunch menu. If that doesn’t tickle your tastebuds enough, you can also find fully vegan chocolate crepes and blueberry pancakes. Moving into dinner time, which is only offered on Friday nights, Vegano serves-up classic Italian dishes with a vegan twist like risotto with asparagus and white wine, a variety of pasta dishes, and even vegan chicken! For dessert, try their homemade chocolate and red wine cake with raspberries, whipped cream and coconut. You’re gonna wanna go to Vegano!

432 Rue Rachel E, Montréal
(514) 369-0000


Le Mousso


To dine at the Le Mousso is less of a dining experience and more of an artistic experience. Antonin Mousseau-Rivard formerly worked as the head chef at Contemporain, the Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art’s restaurant. Mousso comes from a long line of artists: two of his grandfather’s sketches hang at the back of the restaurant, and the chef’s father was the singer of the famous Quebec band, Beau Dommage. Mousseau-Rivard’s artistic background is exhibited in his food. In this up-and-coming area of the Gay Village, just off of Amherst, each dish at Le Mousso has been carefully created. The dishes are works of culinary art: the food presentation is beautifully put together to say the least, each meal is served in a handmade bowl or plate, and each dish comes with a predetermined wine pairing. Experience food like you never have before at Le Mousso. 
1023 Ontario St E


Les Cocottes

Located in Rosemont near St-Laurent boulevard, Les Cocottes is an easy access option for anyone planning on taking a trip along the street affectionately referred to as The Main. What sets this restaurant apart is that it creates ingenious take-you-around-the-world-in-one-sitting meals. Les Cocottes’ menu is designed with this culinary globetrotter approach, which means cleverly portioned dishes that allow you to “visit” many countries in one sitting. You’ll want to consider this spot as your restaurant of choice if you’re looking for stimulating flavours to enjoy with two or more people, as sampling many dishes “tapas style” is encouraged. They even have a few choices of what they call “planches,” which are carefully selected meat and cheese platters.

51 Beaubien E
(514) 276-5880


Taqueria Arturo

Experience Quebexican food like you never have before at the Plateau’s Taqueria Arturo. Chef Matty Mckean came-up with the term because of the unique menu that draws from Mexican and Quebec influences. Their selection of ingredients in their tacos and burritos–kimchi, gochjujang, peking duck, and crispy Atlantic cod for fish tacos–give their classic Mexican fares a kick you can’t find anywhere else. Most of their ingredients are homemade, including their salsa and zesty guacamole. Prices are extremely decent as well: tacos start at 2.50$ each and burritos start at 9$. If you’re walking on the bustling Prince-Arthur street, be sure to stop in at Taqueria Arturo for a cocktail, tequila, or a remarkable taco.

64 Rue Prince Arthur E
(514) 400-7050



In the heart of St-Henri, we begin with a bit of humour at this French-with-hints-of-American restaurant, Foiegwa. The name was inspired by how anglophones pronounce foie gras–without the ‘Rrr’–which is one of the many French words Americans and Canadians butcher. Speaking of butcher, Foiegwa serves-up a delectable selection of meat: dishes like their boeuf bourguignon, their poached black cod, and their locally-sourced, organic fried chicken. Foiegwa is a fine-dining experience without the pretentiousness: it’s located in a venue that formerly housed the Quebec fast-food joint, La Belle Province. Its decor is simple: white tiles line the walls and ceiling and dozens of sketches of famous Quebec figures are mounted on the walls. You’ll find American-style cocktails to pair with your meal here at Foie Gras–oops–Foiegwa.

3001 Notre-Dame St W
(438) 387-4252


Brasserie Harricana

Brasserie Harricana is one of the latest additions to Montreal’s craft beer scene. Located in Villeray, a neighbourhood not too far from the Mile-End, this spot is great for beer and food enthusiasts alike. In a chic tavern setting with white tile floors and pastel-pink chairs, Harricana offers a refined selection of crafts beer and ciders, imported bottles of beer, rum and whiskey. Harricana brews anywhere from 10-20 unique beers on sight and serves-up some delicious hearty meals to pair your drink with: think a variety of meats, burgers, and delicious snacks to tickle your tastebuds.

95 Jean-Talon W.
(514) 303-3039


Tapas 24 

Photo credit: Tapas 24
This new Old Port restaurant has international roots: Chef Charles Abellan serves up dishes that are a tribute to Barcelona, in the finest Spanish atmosphere possible on this side of the globe. The Tapas 24 Montreal location is actually the product of a culinary love affair: two Montrealers fell in love with the original Tapas 24 in Barcelona, and couldn’t resist the urge to bring it back home… permanently. So unless you are from Barcelona, come here for a trip within your trip, and end your evening with a walk around the historic area.

420 Notre-Dame W. #4
(514) 849-4424


Isle de Garde

If you haven’t figured it out by now, let us help you out: Montreal’s got huge crush on craft beer right now. Isle de Garde tacks itself to the Rosemont brewery lineup with a well-deserved spot. The new microbrewery carries 22 local brews, 24 rotating selections on tap, 1 cider, whiskeys, and more. Their menu, which excludes the mediocre and maintains the excellent (grilled mac & cheese, beef tartar), is separated in two: dishes served until 11pm, and dishes served at all times– making it one of the must-have of Montreal’s late night eats.

1039 Beaubien St. E.
(514) 303-1661


Le Red Tiger

Set in Montreal’s vibrant Gay Village, Le Red Tiger is a shiny option for those wanting to grab a bite while exploring the city’s more alternative nightlife. Serving up Vietnamese street food and draught beer on pumps shaped like cobra heads, Le Red Tiger restaurant might just maintain the party vibe while you eat.

1201 de Maisonneuve E.
(514) 439-7006


Le Bird Bar

If you’ve ever eaten fried chicken and thought something was missing, there was, and that missing thing was champagne. This Griffintown restaurant offers a list of champagne and wine to pair with your fried chicken. However, this isn’t just any fried chicken. Kimberly Lallouz of renowned Montreal restaurants, Prêt-à-Manger and Monsieur, went through the process of testing out different fryers, oils, and breadcrumbs to create the tastiest and healthiest of fried chicken. Their quality, free range chicken comes from the Quebec farm, Voltigeurs, and a vegan imitation is also available. There’re also13 sauces to dip your fried chicken into. If you like to eat your fried chicken in a chic and cool decor, then spread your wings and soar to Le Bird Bar.

1800 Notre-Dame St W
(514) 938-4343


Ichi Go Ichi E

Japanese pub Ichi Go Ichi E makes its way onto our list by way of the owner’s first and locally adored restaurant, Imadake. This second venture is set in the Plateau on Rachel street, not far from Lafontaine Park. Ichi Go Ichi E will be your post-park spot for a unique Japanese pub experience in the heart of the city’s colourful Plateau neighbourhood.

360 Rachel St E
(514) 282-0009



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